This is how the actors of the series The Umbrella Academy look like in reality


If you like the Umbrella Academy series you will probably love this article, which gives you a slightly different angle on the actors of the series.

For those who are somehow unfamiliar, the series revolves around the adventures of seven children adopted by a bizarre billionaire named Reginald Hargreaves, who founded the Umbrella Academy, in which he trains these children to use their special powers and prepares them to save the world when the day comes.It is important to note that the post includes a number of spoilers that can ruin things that happened during the series, so if you have not yet watched all the episodes, you should be careful when reading about the actors and characters in this post.

No. 1 //(Luther Hargreaves) // Tom Hopper


Number one undoubtedly stars in the list of names and nicknames his character has received in the Umbrella Academy series throughout the seasons, beyond his number we also know him as Luther, Spice Boy, The Giant, King Kong etc. The role of the giant felt Luther is played by English actor Tom Hopper, which is the second lead role he gets in the series after the series ‘Merlin’ in which he played Sir Percival. In addition some of you will also recognize him from supporting roles he has participated in series like Game of Thrones (Deacon Tarley), Doctor Who, Kingdom and more.

Tom Hopper in reality

No. 2 // David Castaneda


Diego Hargreaves, number 2, is always looking to prove himself and save the world from the bad guys, one of the funniest descriptions that Diego’s character has received in this series “Think of Batman… Now lower your expectations” and it totally catches on. Don’t get me wrong, we really love Diego and the series have done a great job during the two seasons in developing his character, from the shy boy with the speech disorders, the loss of his detective company and to the bloom of his affair with Laila.

Diego’s character is played by actor David Castanida, a 30-year-old Mexican-American actor who has started working in the industry in recent years in a number of small productions and the umbrella academy is considered his big break.

David Castaneda in reality


Alison Hargreaves No. 3 // Emmy Raver-lampman

Allison is the queen of rumors in the series, she has the insane ability to make people do what she wants just by telling them she heard a rumor… and they just believe her and do exactly what she says, even if it’s terrible things like murdering the closest people To them.

Allison’s character is played by Emmy Raver-lampman, a 31-year-old American singer-songwriter who began her career in theater and Broadway singing. In recent years she has started getting small roles in familiar series like Jane the Virgin, A Million Little Things and small dubbing roles in the American Dad series and so on. The Umbrella Academy was the first serious lead role she got on television.

Emmy Raver-lampman  in reality

No. 4 //(Klaus Hargreaves) // Robert Sheehan

Klaus Hargreaves is without a doubt the most colorful and funny character in the series, a guy who treats life (and death) differently from the rest of his siblings and regularly deals with his addictions, alongside post-trauma he went through in his childhood and in Vietnam. Without a doubt throughout the seasons Klaus has provided us with the funniest moments in the series.

The character of Klaus is played by the actor Robert Sheehan, an Irish actor, who was known before the Umbrella Academy mainly for his role in the 2011 film “Season of the witch” in which he played alongside Nicolas Cage.

Ellen Page Netflix GIF by The Umbrella Academy - Find & Share on GIPHY

Robert Sheehan in reality

No. 5 // Aidan Gallagher

idan Gallagher is one of the standout actors in the Umbrella Academy series, in which he plays number 5, a boy with the amazing ability to move between space and time, he is also a significantly older brother among his other siblings and this is because he got stuck for decades in the apocalyptic world we saw in the first season. In reality Aidan is a 16-year-old American actor and singer-songwriter. His first major role was in the series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” as Nicky Harper.

Aidan Gallagher in reality

No. 6 (Ben Hargreaves) // Justin H Min.

Ben Hargreaves is the best and cutest character we met in the first two seasons of the series, which is inconsistent with his special power, huge and scary octopus arms that come out of his gut. The much sympathy we have for Ben’s character is very much related to the fact that he is not among the living and the only one who can really hear and see him is Klaus (who usually ignores him and does not tell anyone he is there).

Ben’s character is played by actor Justin H Min, a 30-year-old American actor.the Umbrella Academy id his first serious production in which he takes part in a lead role.

Justin H Min in reality

No. 7 (Vania Hargreaves) // Ellen Page

Vania Hargreaves is the sister with the strongest powers among the seven brothers of the Umbrella Academy, something we discovered during the first season, and she was pretty much responsible for the two apocalypse the gang tried to prevent. Undoubtedly her character is also one of the most complex and we were happy to see her development on screen and the affair that blossomed between her and another woman in the second season. A refreshing thing in itself to see in the series on the small screen. Her character Leshenya is played by the esteemed actress Ellen Page, who has starred in films such as Juno, Inception, To Rome with Love and more.

Ellen Page in reality



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