funny pictures of products whose packaging is one big lie


The following hilarious photo series presents moments where the connection between the image on the packaging and the product itself was absolutely coincidental. Here are all the funny pictures.

#1 is the phrase what you see is what you get works here?

#2 I prefer the rabbit


#3 not smart messing with hungry people

#4 sneaky sneaky

#5 extra pepperoni pizza! not on the hole pizza sily


#6 small thing comes in big package?

#7 Honey, I Shrunk the Hotdog

#8 people please read the small print


#9 again, you have to read the small print. 4$ for the world’s smallest bottle of water

#10 risen chocolate, well i guess it’s for the best

#11  now how the hell i’m supposed to get the scissors out?

#12 I think they went for an abstract theme


#13 something went really wrong at some point



This is how the actors of the series The Umbrella Academy look like in reality